How to SLEEP Better: VIGIL on Saturday, 10:30 p.m.

ACTION ALERT #7: Candlelight Vigil to be followed by arrests

Ring out the old year by letting your voice ring out for free speech so that we can continue our protest for Safe and Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep for those who are unhoused….and you can sleep better knowing you helped others!

End your year by doing something you can feel good about….sticking up for other people to be treated in a compassionate way.  Come spend an hour with us, hold a candle at 10:30pm in solidarity for those who are not allowed to sleep safely at that hour.  Stand in vigil as other citizens agree to be arrested at 11 rather than have their constitutional right to protest Eugene’s camping ban stolen without a court fight.

We all feel so frustrated because we think we can’t do anything about all the negative acts we see our government doing…but 18 people who are unhoused have taken the initiative and had the courage to do something.  They are sleeping in unprotected areas in the depth of winter, on cement, knowing the police can raid them any minute as EPD did at 2AM last Saturday night.  And just DOING IT is taking power back into their own hands…and it feels great.

Please come in solidarity with them to our candlelight vigil at 10:30 PM Saturday night Dec. 29 at Federal Plaza, corner of 7th and Pearl in Eugene.  We are holding vigil for those who are unhoused and cannot sleep safely from the police at that or any other hour.   The unhoused who have been protesting in Eugene have been evicted by city, county and federal officials for a total of 8 evictions in just over two weeks.  There are three sacred protest forums in Eugene:  Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, Federal Plaza at the Old Federal Building and City Hall.  SLEEPS’s unhoused protestors have now been kicked out of all three…two of them more than once.

Attached are the words to SLEEPS theme song, “There’s no Sleeping in Eugene” which we will be singing. Please print and bring with you if you can.