21 SLEEPS protestors were arrested tonight at 11PM when the constitution, apparently, once again expired.  This is the fourth time Lane County has attempted to evict the protestors.  One time EPD declined to evict the activists and they left voluntarily the next day, one time one protestor decided to disobey what she considered an unlawful order to stop protesting and was arrested and early one morning at 2AM 13 protestors were ejected.

Those committing civil disobedience and arrested were :  Walker T. Ryan, Kristen Brandt, Arianna Brickell, Christina Dill, Vickie Embree, Mary Broadhurst, Peter Grotticelli, Florence Emily Semple, Shantia Gambill, Derek Lewis, Dave. I. Piccioni, Terra Williams, Ambrose Holtham-Keethley, Julio F. Lopez, Jr. Mark Hubbell, Dan O’Connell, Graham Lewis, Larry Pleasant, Alena Cardinal, Scotty Perey, Sergeant Reynolds.

The night was a celebration of Free Speech and Assembly rights.  The protestors has originally started out to simply protest to draw attention to the City and County’s anti-sleeping laws.  However, at federal, county and city sites, the unhoused protestors were summarily dismissed.  In recent events the City has determined that indeed, protestors can protest on public land and tents are symbols which are covered under First Amendment free speech protections.  Protestors tonight hope that the County will soon come to the same conclusion.

Then SLEEPS can get on with its REAL work, modifications to the anti-sleeping laws that haunt those who are unhoused.