Monday evening vigil

SLEEPS Tomorrow at 4:30 pm, join us as we hand-deliver a letter to the office of Liane Richardson regarding her unconstitutional closure of Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. Afterward, between 5pm and 6pm we will hold a vigil at the plaza where your support is warmly appreciated. Closing this plaza is a calculated act of [...]

SLEEPS to be evicted at 4:00 p.m. Saturday

SLEEPS to be evicted at 4:00 p.m. Saturday

The DHS has just delivered the GSA’s eviction notice to SLEEPS. SLEEPS has been ordered to leave the Old Fed building by 4:00pm Sat. 15th. SLEEPS is asking for your support. (Posted on SLEEPS facebook page)

SLEEPS to return to Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 1 p.m.

SLEEPS will return to FREE SPEECH PLAZA at 1PM today, Thursday, to challenge the unconstitutional closing of the plaza in response to the SLEEPS protest there December 10-12.  County Administrator Liann Richardson ordered the plaza closed Tuesday Dec. 11 at 11 PM citing that it was for the purpose of public safety, closing it to [...]

SLEEPS evicted from City Hall parking lot

“A typical night for a homeless person” SLEEPS was evicted from Free Speech Plaza Wednesday night at 10 Pm on trespass issues.  The move was at the personal direction of City Manager Jon Ruiz.  The EPD liason informed SLEEPS that the City would arrest anyone remaining on the site.  EPD liason also informed us that [...]

Press Conference and Possible Eviction

Police have informed us that they intend to disperse us from Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza following a press conference which will run from 1pm to 1:30pm today. Please come and show your support and hold space for us.

Free Speech Plaza exterior south side

SLEEPS Protest to be Shut Down by County at 11 p.m.

According to a report in the Register Guard, the County plans to close the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 11PM tonight in order to evict the SLEEPS activists who are protesting the city’s unconstitutional anti-camping ban. A County attorney alleged that the camp is unsanitary due to no bathrooms.  When advised SLEEPS is using [...]

Action Alert: Rally & Camp-In, Dec. 10

Overview We all joined SLEEPS because we wanted to be a part of change.  If you haven’t written your letter or called your council representative or mayor yet, please do so right away. Then, mark your calendars for December 10, pack your tent or bring your candle and form a Circle of Conscience at our [...]

Action Alert: Rally at City Council

Action Alert: Rally at City Council

Come stand up for those who are unhoused! Monday, Dec. 10, 6pm to 9pm at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, 8th & Oak Rally at the Free Speech Plaza with SLEEPS, Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Place to Sleep!  Those who would like to speak for lifting the camping ban at the 7:30pm City Council Public [...]

Action Alert: Write Your City Officials

Please take a moment right now to write the Mayor and your City Council member to ask them to support the SLEEPS request for a temporary repeal on the current camping ban.  Let them know that you think that forbidding people who are forced to sleep outside to use even basic blankets or sleeping bags is [...]


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