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The Encampment

We are currently on hiatus from the weather.  Unfortunately, the other 1484 unhoused people are not able to escape the weather.  Many SLEEPS members are trying to help others find safe harbor.  Meanwhile Lauren Regan has filed a complaint and applied for a temporary injunction to stop the GSA from trying to prevent SLEEPS from exercising our Free Speech rights at the Federal Plaza.

If you are able to offer food we would greatly appreciate it.  Contact 541-653-7589 to schedule time/place to donate cooked food.


You can find SLEEPS action alerts in three places:, Twitter, and this website’s “Alerts” page. Instructions follow below, ranked by speed and reliability of notification.

We have a public cell on, the group texting service. For updates in the midst of actions, subscribe by texting “@EugeneSLEEPSmembers” to 23559. You can also subscribe and view updates online at @EugeneSLEEPSmembers on


Please follow us on Twitter, our username is @EugeneSLEEPS. We tweet everything SLEEPS, especially news, updates, and alerts. We also tag some of our tweets with the hashtag #SLEEPS, which can be used to interact with and build the movement’s presence in the Twitter community.

Additionally, we post most alerts and news updates on the website in their respective categories, as well.


If you would like to become involved in Eugene SLEEPS, please contact us by email (contact[at] Soon we will have a calendar showing all of our meeting times and planned actions. Please attend any of these. Additionally, subscribe to SLEEPS alerts with our various tools, and use these to follow the action and join in with us.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly: email contact[at]