SLEEPS to PROTEST ANTI-SLEEPING LAWS at STATE OF THE COUNTY ADDRESS At 9:30 Monday morning, December 7, SLEEPS protestors will be in place at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza to protest the County’s Anti-Sleeping Laws. At 10:00PM the Lane County Commission and public will gather for the annual State of the County address in Harris [...]


January 4, 2013 FIRST FRIDAY NIGHT ART WALK  SLEEPS ADDS “STREET ART AND THEATER” Eugene’s First Friday Art Walk is an opportunity to show off and support Eugene’s creative talent.  This Friday, December 4, SLEEPS will be informally adding “street art and theater” from Eugene’s creative “street people”, those who are currently unhoused, to the [...]

Hunger Striker Conrad Barney at City Hall Memorial to Unhoused MONDAY at 1:00PM

Hunger Striker Conrad Barney at City Hall Memorial to Unhoused MONDAY at 1:00PM

SIMULTANEOUS HUNGER STRIKES IN US AND CANADA ENTER FOURTH WEEK Today  Eugene Oregon’s Conrad Barney and Canada’s Chief Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation are both ending the third week of their respective hunger strikes. Barney, an unhoused straight A student in Eugene is on a hunger strike for the rights of those who are [...]

How to SLEEP Better: VIGIL on Saturday, 10:30 p.m.

ACTION ALERT #7: Candlelight Vigil to be followed by arrests Ring out the old year by letting your voice ring out for free speech so that we can continue our protest for Safe and Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep for those who are unhoused….and you can sleep better knowing you helped others! End your [...]

24 hour reprieve..probable arrest and vigil Sat 10:30 PM

At 5:30 PM tonight Federal Protective Services (FPS) gave SLEEPS protestors a reprieve.  Originally FPS had said that protestors had to leave by 11PM today, Friday, or risk arrest. They have since determined that they want to give 24 hour notice and will make no arrests until 11PM Saturday. Watch for information/alerts about a candlelight [...]

Watch for an alert! SLEEPS evicted again!

GSA and DHS intend to prosecute SLEEPS protestors who remain after 11:00 PM tonight (Friday) PLEASE WATCH FOR AN email ALERT LATER TODAY.  WE ARE DETERMING OUR RESPONSE.  MAY NEED A CROWD AT 11PM. On December 10 charges against Emily Semple were dismissed by the federal government “in the interest of justice”.  In July Semple [...]

SLEEPS sets up second Federal Constitutional Camp

SLEEPS SETS UP OUTREACH PROTEST AND CONSTITUTIONAL CAMP AT NEW FEDERAL BUILDING. “Where are the ‘alternate sites’ the judge mentioned? 12.26.12 Last Friday a judge failed to award OCCUPY and SLEEPS a temporary emergency restraining order to allow protestors to  remain at the historic protest site at the Federal Plaza until the courts hear the [...]

DSCN9567DSCN9577The Community Gardens were meant to help federal prisioners re-enter society and be productive and to grow food for those in poverty.  Instead the city, carefully guarding news of the sale it until it was almost over, sold it to a bank.

Today the unhoused protestors are “taking back the land”. This is now both a protest site, protected under our First Amendment rights to free speech and a place for the unhoused to sleep, protected under the 4th and 8th Amendments.

On Wednesday, December 26 at 2:30 PMSLEEPS moved tents from its old federal building Federal Plaza site to the Community Gardens several blocks away. A portion of the unhoused protestors remained at the Federal Plaza site despite failing to receive a temporary injunction to continue challenging what it considers the GSA’s unconstitutional permitting process and curfews, while others moved to the Community Gardens.

The 2 acre Gardens, located next to the new Federal Building were recently sold by the City of Eugene to Northwest Community Credit Union.

The sale of the site was hidden from the public until it was almost over as a means of preventing public outcry.  According to EW, “…. the Courthouse Garden, which this sale will destroy, was one of the most inclusive and collaborative projects, across economic, social, political lines, in recent Eugene history.”

Envisioned by Judge Ann Aiken as a place for reentering federal prisoners to work to grow organic food for the poor, the Garden joined those prisoners, parole officers, U of O students and at risk youth in a cross-cultural program that produced over 6,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year for those in need, a significant portion for those who are unhoused.  Beneficiaries included the Mission, Relief Nursery, New Roads among other.

Since we can no longer have food from here, at least we can use it as a safe and legal place to sleep.  Eugene is unable to provide shelter to 1500 of its 2400 unhoused citizens.  The 9th Circuit Court, under Jones vs. LA, ordered LA to allow those who are unhoused to sleep from 9PM to 6AM on public land.  This land is in the 9th Circuit Court and is underused City land during this season, under contract to the U of O which belongs to the state and is also public land. We have the constitutional right to be on public land both to protest and to sleep until the City provides satisfactory alternative locations for shelter.

NOTE:  SLEEPS was trespasssed (given orders to leave or be cited/arrrested) by EPD at 5:30PM on the direct order of Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz.  This is the second time the City Manager has directly ordered the shutdown of a Free Speech Protest by SLEEPS on city owned or managed land.  The first shutdown was at City Hall on December 12th at 10:30 PM.  In both instances, protestors left peacefully.  The primary purpose of each attempt was to expose the unconstitutional acts of the City on 1st, 4th and 8th Amendment issues and bring the discussion into the realm of the courts.

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Fifteen tents with 18 protestors are spending the holidays in challenge of Federal Plaza permit and curfew requirements.  Two beautiful days, interspersed with heavy rains prompt protestors to use some of the proceeds of the fundraiser Promethius, written and produced by Scotty Perey for protection from the elements.  The support of all those who participated [...]

EPD rousts protestors at 3 a.m. in blatant violation of free speech and other rights

At around 3AM this morning nine Eugene Police Department officers barged into the historic Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and began waking eleven protestors up and ordering them to get off the property or be arrested.  Six patrol cars, some shining blinding lights into the protest site, rolled onto the sidewalk and streets surrounding the [...]